5 Reasons Why I Love Photography ?

Did you ever feel not being content with your day job even if you are happy with your work/salary? You are not able to satisfy your hyperactive brain? Your heart flutters when you see someone’s creative piece of work, be it one awesome photograph or heart touching poem or one beautifully served yummy dish?
Check this post to know how I found answers to these questions…

How and Why I’ll cherish my one random Photo forever ?

Remember being a small kid asking for your favorite thing as b’day gift from your dad…and later at night finding that gift under your pillow…can you recall those emotions of being the most happiest person on planet…. I guess you surely can.
And here I am sharing one such moment of my life with you in this post…

Understand Depth of Field in 3 simple steps.

Did you know that Depth Of Field in Photography is one very critical yet one simplest concept to learn… if not give this article a read and you’ll know why I said so.
Happy Reading and Keep Sharing.

4 simple steps to learn Landscape and Portrait Photography modes

Learning Photography is one never ending, tiring, difficult yet very interesting process. There is not any simple concept that we learn once and feel accomplished. Instead more we learn more we want to learn cause it just so captivating to not to find something extra to dive into one such topic today

Origami – Re-live your childhood and develop your creativity.

In our childhood days we used to make many things from Paper, be it a Boat during rainy season or an Airplane to fly it in classroom… and how much happy we were while successfully making it and seeing it float (boat) or fly (plane). Those Childhood days were just Awesome and I still miss them.. Don’t you too miss those days ?
If yes dive in this post to know how to re-live those days.

Mobile Phone – Your Photography Journey’s First Station

If you own a Mobile and usually stop on your way to click something that caught your attention or keep an eye on an object for a long time to find right moment before clicking it… then you aspire to be a Photographer and want to own your Camera one day.

If you said Yes to all what I mentioned above, then be with me to know more about this journey from Mobile to Camera

9 Things to know about Creativity and how to Master it.

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people” – Leo Burnett Creativity is not an alien word but resides within us. And only takes right channel to express it while sometime nothing extra needed but it just flows. So what exactly this Creativity is ?…

Macro Photography – Genre that magnifies the world around

At time many of you must be mesmerized by looking at some pictures where something, be it a small bee or one small flower, is captured larger than life and you can literally find each and every minute detail of it (just like how I was numbed when I looked at one such photo on Viewbug)….