Traditional Day @Office thru Kit Lens

Last month I wrote a comparison post between my Nifty Fifty and 18-55mm Kit lens. And it had few images of both the lenses. Then I sat down to process more of my Day 2 event images and here I am putting some of the best pictures of the day. These all are clicked with … Continue reading Traditional Day @Office thru Kit Lens


Diwali Celebration 2017 @ Pune

Hey All... Finally I got time today to post my Diwali Pictures. I know its late now but still its Better Late Than Never... isn't it ??? As I was very very busy past one month, due to various reasons, I did not have time to short list images to post on the blog. But yes, … Continue reading Diwali Celebration 2017 @ Pune

More I Click, More I Fall In Love…

...with my NiftyFifty. If anyone ask me what did I do last whole week, my response would be: Making every nook and corner of my house shine for welcoming Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali. And when I was not doing #1, I was gushing over my lovely 50mm Prime Lens. And this is My Most Loved, … Continue reading More I Click, More I Fall In Love…

Intrigued !!!

That's what I felt while framing this shot... it is nothing extraordinary but it was interesting to catch upper portion of window reflecting through the mirror and that too in between the clouds, inside the mirror's reflection and in the background of mirror.... It was giving me a feel as if both parts, sky in mirror … Continue reading Intrigued !!!