Sunday Post: Simplicity Of A Lamp

Posting for Sunday Post Simplicity

Simplicity….is something where we need not to scratch our head to understand “what It Is” and “why”….

And I don’t think I can describe Simplicity in words or can capture it through my camera. Reason is pretty Simple as everything around is Simple in its own ways whether its a Bird chirping in the Morning or A Water Pond or Small Kid’s Giggle etc are simpler things that we see in our day to day life. So it will impossible to capture all those great simple moments.

But while searching through all my older pics what I came up was below Pic of A Lamp on Deepawali.

Is it Simple…? Yes it is for me as there is nothing else to Overshadow its Natural Quality of Burning Itself to Light its Surroundings (yes I used flash just to keep the frame visible). And its not giving me hard time to understand its existence, its life span, its importance.

Other than that A Lamp also gives a lesson that We have to keep the Positive Light within our self always Lit so that we an Never Deter from Our Rightful Path and also Can Enlighten The World with Our Good Positive Qualities.

A Simple Lamp giving me Inspiration to keep on working hard to keep the light wintin lit always,
A Simple Lamp giving me Inspiration to keep on working hard to keep the light wintin lit always,

Again as I already mentioned I am not a good writer but tried my best to justify why I use this specific pic as a Symbol of Simplicity.

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