Daily Prompt: The Glass

Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

Most of the time Glass is Half Full for me as I am pretty optimistic in my life.

Living a happy life is only can be done when one can see positive in any negative situation otherwise this whole life will be gone in a blink of eye by spending time over negative Things/people/situations around us and on which we don’t have any control  Every adverse situation should be seen like an opportunity to us given by God to prove our-self to the world

as running with the direction of wind is easy and can be done by anyone but to keep walking or just standing against wind’s direction is an achievement on its own.

Besides this if there is something meant for you it will come to you eventually ir-respective of how much you try to avoid or ignore it and on the other hand if something is not meant for you then how hard you try it will not come to you. So Life should not be wasted over the things which one can’t have instead be grateful to the Almighty God who has given everything what you have today.

Things that make me think Glass will always be full:
1. My Family
2. Photography/Camera
3. Friends
4. My Beloved Laptop

Exceptions that turn me off to think Glass is half empty:
1. Ignorance of my Family/Friend.
2. Cunning/Backstabber/Two faced people around me.

Life is all about to be Happy that The Glass is Still Half Filled rather than crying over remaning Half Empty Glass.

To know more about how people see A Glass Half Filled see Daily Prompt


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