Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

Daily Prompt

Fight or Flight

Taking straight way is always the easiest way to get out of the confusion what ever it may be while Avoiding it will only result in Running around in circles which is not going to take us anywhere.

Personally I Never had any situation where I had to choose either of the one as I was always clear in my mind about “What should not be done” i.e. making things complex by hiding the facts.

But I do think that Life is too short to keep things complex/critical/unclear just to keep our Ego alive as:

1. We don’t want to disclose our weakness to other and don’t want them to belittle us or to mock us.

2. We dont want to let our feelings out just too scared to be hurt from that person.

And many more things that can make life much more messy by not clear out the things one the very right moment.

But eventually Fight is much better option than Flight to make Life Crystal Clear and Simpler. It will also help you from unnecessary Heartaches and tension in your life.


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