Daily Prompt: The Zone

Daily Prompt

The Zone

Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple activity — running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, whatever. What’s it like when you’re in “the zone”?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LOST.

Simple activity where I can lost myself is very simple….

first is watching serials on my laptop/TV…I can watch serials without even blinking my eyes or thinking about what time it is. Never bothered about who else is there around me or if no one is there. For me My Laptop or TV is one thing that can keep me away from whole world for many days as well. Its not good to be isolated from the world but still I love it.

Second is Photographing….My camera and clicking random pics around me is my another Zone where I dont need/think about any other thing. Cause if I have my cam with me i’ll just forget the world, I can spend hours and hours to capture a single thing with multiple angles. And later when I see those pics later I just feel on the top of the world.

Other than these two I also love to be lost in cooking while experimenting new dishes. M not a perfect cook but love experimenting with dishes. Reason I love doing new things so that’ss the reason i love cooking.


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