A New Venture started with A Team Lunch

After a short stint of 3 months in my previous project I was suddenly roped into a new project.  That to with a more challenging role and much more expectations than ever. I was not sure whether I can surpass all such big expectations from management and can do exactly what they want me to do but at least I did not want to back off without even trying my best.I always used to tell my mom that a word that I don’t have in my dictionary is ……… “I Can’t”.  Means I don’t like to say that I can’t do something just cause its too difficult to accomplish, too high to reach, too big to dream. I always want to do things which are difficult as I want to test my own stamina of how far I can go and how much I can achieve doing it. And whatever I am today in my professional life is just due to my attitude towards adversity I faced till date and how I managed them to turn the outcome in my favor.

So finally I accepted the challenge and all set to jump off the cliff into a whole new world of my Professional career being a Team Lead.

So here I was with my whole new team on a lunch set up by Onsite Lead of the Project and managers as well. Everyone was trying their best to motivate the team to perform their best.

Beautiful Vase

And finally after lunch as usual I was checking if there is anything worth to be clicked and first thing that caught my attention was this lovely vase with blue and white flower in it.

Mini HouseFollowed by a Miniature Hut….it was so cute and adorable to look at that hut. It was plain simple but reminded me of the childhood days when first thing we were taught to draw was a Hut with a garden at front. And I found that hut out of my drawing book like this. I could not believe and still staring at it while writing about it.


Finally a complete Panoramic view of the restaurant that we went. Enjoyed the food and also get ready to fight the battle.


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