January 22: I got skills

I got skills
If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill
in the world, which skill would you pick?

hmmmm….not that difficult to select. One and only skill that I am not a mistress of is “Writing”.

There are always so many thoughts running in my mind every single second and I want to write them down but I always fail. Reason I am not at all good while playing with words let alone be a decent writer. Even if I start writing I end up with a messy write up that I too can’t figure out what I wanted to say when I started. So how can I expect readers to read and understand it. Still I do write here and there as small quotes that I add into my clicks to satisfy the bad writer in me.

But I got a very good teacher as My Elder brother (just a day older to me and not a real but still cares for me more than a real bro can) who is also a writer, and believe me he is fab writer. When he saw my blog first thing he said “Why don’t you write more frequently, you write pretty good” and woww I was on cloud 9. Being a writer he praised me saying I am good writer (am I…i still doubt but as he said then no more questions). So then onwards I started writing more than just posting the pics. And after posting I always ask him to check and let me know “Area of improvements”. He gives me suggestions, ideas to improve my writing and my blog too.

Not sure how much I have improved but I still want to become a good writer so that I can write whatever I have in my mind without worrying about how bad/good it will be in the end.

And thanks a lot DD Anna….for all your inputs…:)


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