From an Introvert girl to a confident Photographer

Today I’ll be sharing my life story…. and it is as below.

Before that, Hope you are doing good just as I am after my Panchgani Trip. As I got tons of pictures to post process and to post on my Instagram or Facebook of here at blog.

Lets start the story…I am an introvert that too an extreme case of it. I feel like one turtle peeping out of its shell and then get inside at the slightest hint of an unknown person around. And at the same time I am the most talkative and chirpy girl around the people I am close to, for example my family, my closest of friends.

So in short if I am around new people I become a turtle and with known people I transform into an altogether different personality.

And you were wondering why am I telling you all this.. I have a reason for that. Which is being described in this post.

Before that little (more) background story. So far (before July 29th 2017) now I always used to think I can’t be a candid photographer, I just can’t go out and point my camera to human’s rather I would click landscape, sun – moon, anything that’s nature. Reason as I told above being an Introvert.

I can’t even hold my camera in front of people, as I feel they must be thinking something bad about me in their head, let alone clicking them. And that’s the reason keeping me from clicking people around.

But this Panchgani Trip (that I traveled on July 29th and 30th) helped me in overcoming my fear of people and caring less about how they are going to react seeing me holding a camera. Its because I clicked many pictures of my friends, in so many poses – places – angles… in short I clicked sooo many photos, and that made me a bit less of a turtle. So I feel like a better and carefree Photographer than just an Introvert girl that I was before.

So this Panchgani Trip is not just a beautiful experience for me in terms of being so close to nature but also it helped me to be a better Photographer. I still have a long way to become a proper decent photographer but so far I am happy with a improvement in my status.

Some of my favorite clicks of mt friends are below:

Did you ever face similar situation being an introvert ? If yes do share below so that I get to know I am alone in the boat.

bye bye… next post will be up soon.


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