Moment of a Lifetime…

It was the moment of my life that I could never ever forget. I met world renowned and National Award winner Director Vibha Bakshi.

I was kind of scared and a bit apprehensive about how to talk to one such big of a personalty but I was so surprised seeing how humble and down to earth she was. She talked to each and every person who went upto her and even allowed them to click pictures with her. She was so beautiful person in and out with such benevolent aura. I still can feel the moment when I was standing beside her.

She visited Wipro’s Pune campus for screening of her movie Daughters of Mother India. And it was one memorable day of my life when I got the chance not just to cover the event but also meeting such great film maker.

Initially I could not even tell her my name (see how nervous I was), but she was so warm heart person to make the atmosphere so light and it all went so well. Some of the beautiful pictures of the event are below…

Do let me know your views about the pictures.

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