One Memorable Experience…

… with this group of wonderful people and organizers at

This post is the very first installment about my experience on my Very First Trekking attempt to this beautiful fort known as Tikona fort nearby Pune. And here I’ll be sharing few clicks of the group I went with. I’ll post rest of the images with more details in future posts.

We started from Tikona Peth the base village of the fort. And this the very first image I clicked to mark the start of the journey.

Whole Group At base village
After half way through the journey




Reaching the top deserves another click
Finally the last pic of the Trekking journey at Pavana Dam

Thanks for stopping by and giving this post a read. And hope you like these pics .

Do experience the fun I had while exploring the Tikona Trek in next parts:

Part 2  | Part 3 |   Part 4

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