Happy Deepwali 2018 – Photoblog

Here are some of the photographs I clicked this Diwali at home. No firecrackers but just Diyas and Kandil… cause thats what the essence of Deepawali (Deepo ki Awali i.e. Line of Lamps)


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Hello.. This is Pooja. Video Editor - Photographer - Blogger, Curious - Creative Soul and Forever Learner. Exploring World thru My Lens. This blog is my journey of learning The Technology and The Art of Photography. Which I share in my blogs while exploring Life, Nature and this whole beautiful world. And I invite you to join me in this exciting journey. Also hoping you'll have fun being here.

4 thoughts on “Happy Deepwali 2018 – Photoblog

    1. thanks for liking the pics. Here all clicks are with 50mm 1.8 lens except one (the featured image of this post of one lamp and dark background) with 250mm kit lens @232mm focal length.
      I find 50mm prime as most suitable as it gives me so any options to play with DoF to give shallowest background.

      Thanks again for stopping by and liking my clicks.

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