Hey There…

First of all a Warm Welcome to my very own small little world that I carved out of my Sheer Love and Curiosity for Photography. A place where you’ll meet “Me”, who is sometimes bit crazy, other times blabbering, most of the times curious but all the times happy go lucky girl.

Who Am I ?

An IT Professional for last 9+ years and working very hard to learn Photography. Creative person who loves using creativity to make unique things on her own. Curious soul who tends to stare at every other thing on her way to find out why it’s there and how it works? Philosopher at heart who wants to know about things more than just their looks. Who gets inspired by even the smallest courageous thing someone else does. Loves cooking but not those regular daily meals rather different with some unique twists to the original recipe. Likes helping people in their hour of need and seeing them smile afterwards makes her day. Also like to solve problems of others when they seek advice.

Lastly Happy Go Lucky Girl whose happiness does not depend on bigger things which are yet to come rather on the smallest achievements – tiniest moments already there in her life.

What I like the most

There are very few things which could made me head over heels for them. As of now my list of Top Three has Photography, Cricket and Korean Dramas.


That’s very first love of my life. During my school days I was stupidly crazy for Cricket. And in case you remember an old advertisement of cold drink … Eat Cricket, Sleep Cricket drink only Coco Cola.. my life was exactly like that (minus the coco cola part as I dont like aerated drinks).. It was all about Cricket then and now too (but now I like soccer, tennis and Olympics also).

Korean Dramas

Kdramas… are my lifeline now. I feel like Alice entered her Kdramaland while watching dramas. Everything in it is so real (ok real as in dramas only no real life like reality) yet hearttouching-satisfying that I have become an Avid researcher to find more and more about South Korea, its culture, language, cuisine.. in-short everything…

I am a Beginner in the field of Photography and an Enthusiast. Learning Photography gives me a strange satisfaction that I can’t describe in words.  Every time I find anything new it motivates me to dig deeper to unearth all hidden secrets about it. I want to learn Photography not just the Art it is but also what it is Technically. Learn about it so that I can use that knowledge to capture Beautiful pictures.
Macro my most favorite genre. If not Macro then Sun and Moon on top my list of favorite subjects to click. Last year I bought Canon 700D and started learning Photography with it, prepared so many notes for each new concept I researched. Somehow I lost all those notes. So started research again.

This Blog

One fine day I got this idea why not prepare my blog to write about things I love, learn, understand or even mess up for that matter. Mostly it will be about Photography, how I am learning new things about it and why ? But sometime it will have anything that I feel like exploring and writing about. Also it will give me more reasons to start my research based self-learning for any such topic. It will help me in documenting what I learn while anyone who finds their way here can learn something more about the same.

Name of Blog

Is my interpretation of Life. Extraordinary Moments can be captured Thru my Lens out of ordinary days. Tagline is how this blog will be a chronicle of my Photography journey and can also help fellow beginners.

Hope you have fun being here.  See you around.



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