My Blogging Journey – From Korean Dramas to Photography

Have you ever felt like there is so much to say but you don’t have the audience around you ? I felt so… that too a lot of time, esp when I wanted to share my excitement upon finding out how my Camera works… or when I clicked very first Perfect Heart Shaped Bokeh. Also when I wanted to talk about Korean dramas, how good they are ? how beautiful there cinematography is etc. But there was no way I could blabber about it to my office colleagues or even my friends.

Be with me in this post as I’ll be sharing my blogging journey as to how I found ways to share what all I had to say as blogs in last 5 years.

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Meeting The Monsoon – Voyage of An Introvert Photographer

Here comes the Beautiful Monsoon season of Pune and sitting at home is boring… Isn’t it ? And if you are an Introvert that makes it a pure struggle. Many of your friends must be ready to go on a Long-drive together or may be they enjoy hanging out and chit-chat. But none of those things entice you.

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