Titan Raga – The Most Beautiful Wrist watch I own.

Being An Introvert is one unique quality but at same time being an Introvert Photographer is the most critical combination. There are times when I want to click anything... but at same time I want to click something other than people so Product Photography is the best way. But being an Amateur I don't have … Continue reading Titan Raga – The Most Beautiful Wrist watch I own.


My Muse… My Poem… !!!

I have nothing else but One Yellow Rose plant in my balcony and Every New Flower on it forces me to click it, Even if its same Yellow Rose Flower again. But I love each and every new flower and it's click alike. Cause that's life.. right... loving the same old routine everyday but cherishing … Continue reading My Muse… My Poem… !!!

Being Colorless

Color of Self Satisfaction and Self Celebration is having no Color. Being Colorless means to celebrate the nothingness. Nothingness means to be content with what we have. Content to not to run behind things but rather enjoy what "We Are" and be satisfied in it.