How Bridge Camera can help you to be a better Photographer ?

This post talks about what is a bridge camera and how it will help you to become a better photographer…lets dive in to know in detail.

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Lightroom Learning Day#2

As yesterday I was so enlightened by Lightroom that I could not wait to start my experiments with it today. After 10 hours in office I came back home and spent 2 hours in brainstorming and re-working on 6 images…
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Long Exposure Photography @120sec Shutter Speed (Tv)

For so many days I was just clicking pictures with no specific aim or idea what I wanted to click. But last couple of days I got a bug of learning Long Exposure (LE) Photography.  And this post will tell you how I finally managed to get one such click. Read More

How my DSLR works as a Machine – Lets Unfold the Mystery – Part 1

Hello Everyone…

So far I could write only few topics that I learned in last 6 months with my beloved Canon 700D. I tried to elaborate things in the same manner as I understood. Later got busy with office work and did not get time to start my researched based self-learning. And could not post anything more.

But somehow I stole time from my sleep and did some Research, and back with one topic that I’ll write it in same – simple way as my brain absorbed the information.

And the topic I selected is… How My DSLR works as a Machine? Keep on reading

5 Most Basic things to get better understanding of Bokeh

Did you ever watch any movie/tv shows where during night-time people are standing near river/lake, talking – laughing – relaxing, and there you see some Twinkling – Hazy – Illuminated – Heavenly circles in the background? And wondered what that was ?

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4 simple steps to learn Landscape and Portrait Photography modes

Learning Photography is one never ending, tiring, difficult yet very interesting process. There is not any simple concept that we learn once and feel accomplished. Instead more we learn more we want to learn cause it just so captivating to not to find something extra to dive into.

Here we have one exact such topic i.e. How to choose Landscape vs Portrait frame orientation while clicking photos. Keep on Reading

9 Things to know about Creativity and how to Master it.

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people”

– Leo Burnett

Creativity is not an alien word but resides within us. And only takes right channel to express it while sometime nothing extra needed but it just flows. So what exactly this Creativity is ? If its within why not everyone knows about their Creative side ? Finally how to develop that hidden (and not much practiced) creativity ? Keep on Reading