Rightly Focused

Keep your Focus on The Right things and life will be beautiful just like this frame..

Close up…

Started learning taking Macro shots using macro filters…

Standing Taller – Getting Stronger

One Shiny Rose Bud.. Standing tall for becoming Stronger so that Eventually after withstanding all it can still give back to world… its own unique fragrance.

Tiny Ray Of Hope

when dark phases come keep eyes on that tiny ray of hope…it will keep you going and eventually bring you to the light.

Quotes make me feel Relax

Relax This week, share a photo that relaxes you. Posting for Photo Challenge after ages…. and when I read the word Relax only thing that came to my mind are these beautiful Quotes that I have on  my bedroom wall just in front of my bed…. everytime I feel tired, hopeless or depressed….and as soon…