“Disappointment as Blessing in Disguise !!!”

This is one longest post ever on my blog but one interesting story (hope so) which I wanted to share with you all… so have your cup of coffee (and tea for me) before diving into it…
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Charming Flowers Shining Extraordinarily

Very first time (and may be the last time…as after that I could not wake up so early in the morning) I went for a for a morning walk. And as usual my habit…I wanted to test the camera of my newly bought Samsung Galaxy S3….(or may be I got up so soon cause i wanted to test the camera…whatever..).

This time I thought to click something ordinary….instead of Sun/Moon/Skyline or anything that I already clicked a thousand times. So what I found was a very very normal object i.e. Few Flowers budding together and what was fascinating about those not so extraordinary Flowers was..how Beautifully their petals were Curled in multiple directions. To add the charm I was seeing Sun shining so great to make these flowers and Curled Petals even more attractive.

Finally I found my object after so much observation…..and tada I clicked the pics. What was the result..??? Check below….isn’t the pics are beautiful or I’ll say Flowers are Charming. For me they were…..

And finally….Camera of My Galaxy S3 passed my test.

Shining Flowers

Shining Flowers1