Diwali Celebration 2017 @ Pune

Hey All… Finally I got time today to post my Diwali Pictures. I know its late now but still its Better Late Than Never… isn’t it ???
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5 Most Basic things to get better understanding of Bokeh

Did you ever watch any movie/tv shows where during night-time people are standing near river/lake, talking – laughing – relaxing, and there you see some Twinkling – Hazy – Illuminated – Heavenly circles in the background? And wondered what that was ?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Illumination#3)

Illuminated Arabian Sea

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As Friday is not here so got another pic for the weekly challenge as this one.

Its afternoon and Reflected Sun Light is giving us an illusion of 1000 (and may be many more) CFLs lit together in order to Illuminate The Arabian Sea.

ISO :100
f-stop: f/5
Shutter Speed: 1/1600 sec
Focal Length: 43mm

Kashid Beach, Maharashtra, India

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Illumination)

The Guiding Sun Light Illuminating Life’s Path

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Here is My Interpretation of My Pic Of Light and Illumination….

The Sun…Trying to Pour its Light through so many Obstacles (trees) To Light (Or to Illuminate) My Paths Through dense forest.
just like
A Small Ray Of Hope in Darkest Time of Life can Inspire Us (Illuminate our Life) to start Living Again, and also to Lead our Life Towards Happiness again.

F-stop: f/4.8
Shutter Speed: 1/333 sec
ISO speed: 100
Focal Length: 5mm


A pic clicked with a very perfect angle that gave a nice reflection of sun rays through lens and Pic turned out this great. And sometimes I had to ask myself is it really clicked by me and that too with my cell phone and not by any professional camera.

So far my best pic with my Cell.