Amidst Chaos

One Light pole standing alone..


Affection Redefined

Conventional Wisdom of one pretty Unconventional click..

So I chose the line below give my two cents about the topic this week:

  • Take a photo of something most folks find boring or unattractive, and show us its unappreciated beauty.

I clicked below pic today just an hour back…it was not so conventional if I compare it to what people around me appreciate or think as beautiful. Reason being.. it does not have anything Beautiful neither the subject (both the horses tiny or big one) nor the background. But still I kept my camera focused on these two in hope that I’ll a satisfactory click.

So finally my wait and patience paid off I captured this scene which telling a Beautiful story of Affection or Parental love….and thats what made me posting it.


Nature’s Serenity – Not that easy to define

Its True that Beauty Lies in Beholder’s Eyes…

But Nature’s Serenity turns Everyone into a Silent Spectator of Beauty.

It can’t  be described in words…”How it feels”

to be there surrounded by Trees decked up with tiny Rain Drops…

seeing small plants dancing along-with the wind and enjoying the rain…