50mm Prime Lens – Latest Entrant In My Quiver

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5 Most Basic things to get better understanding of Bokeh

Did you ever watch any movie/tv shows where during night-time people are standing near river/lake, talking – laughing – relaxing, and there you see some Twinkling – Hazy – Illuminated – Heavenly circles in the background? And wondered what that was ?

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5 Reasons Why I Love Photography ?

Did you ever feel not being content with your day job even if you are happy with your work/salary? You are not able to satisfy your hyperactive brain? Your heart flutters when you see someone’s creative piece of work, be it one awesome photograph or heart touching poem or one beautifully served yummy dish?

I am sure you must have nodded yes for at least one of my questions..  That’s exactly what I asked myself and found my answers 8 years back as Photography.

Why I love Photography… this post will elaborate that for you…

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A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Weather

As I am Crazy over Sun so could not get anything better than Sun Shining over amazingly to take part in this A Word A Week Photo Challenge  alongwith few of Monsoon Clicks…….

Hope everyone will like it….