Macro’ed Layers of A Rose

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Being Colorless

Color of Self Satisfaction and Self Celebration is having no Color.

Being Colorless means to celebrate the nothingness.
Nothingness means to be content with what we have.
Content to not to run behind things but rather enjoy what “We Are” and be satisfied in it.

My Rose Plant with new Leaves n Bud

Its winter time here and I could feel the season change cause My small rose plant is full of new leaves along with couple of new Flower buds. I am pretty excited to click pics of Roses as soon as they are all up but till that time this is all fascinating me on a daily basis.

and if me and my camera are together we just cant get distracted other than such lovely things around.

So  here is my today’s click……..

A New Bud secured between Leaves

Another Angle

New Bud

New Leaves New Life

Thorns and Leaf_Complete Life